So two items that I have on My Impossible List are 

  1. Learn Five songs on guitar 
  2. Busk in a public place

I got a guitar for my birthday about 4 years ago. Aside from a few spurts here and there, I have not practiced consistently at all. Therefore, when I started to get back on it this week, I barely knew the D chord. However, just over this week, I have managed to get three chords down pat and am working on two others. That is pretty good progress so far. 
My short term goal is to learn Amazing Grace. After that, I will see where I go from there. For Amazing Grace, I need to know the D, G, A, and, E chords. I looked at the sheet online, and technically, it can be played with just the D chord. But, that sounds kind of boring. So, I’m going for the whole thing. 

I am using an app called ChordBank to learn the major and minor chords. However any thing beyond that, you have to pay for. It also includes beginner lessons and a tuner. Using this I have been learned D, A, E, and, G. Now I just need to print out  the chords for Amazing Grace. I will upload a video of me playing it on YouTube if you guys want to see that.

Does anybody have any ideas for another song I should learn?


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