Daily post Writing Prompt Response: Early Morning Dew

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Smell You Later.”

If you are someone who goes outside early in the morning, you know the smell of the dew, grass and leaves. When I was 13  I went to a camp called Camp Hope. I don’t know why, but whenever I am away from home I wake up early without an alarm clock. (That is a pretty big deal for me considering that left to my own devices, I would sleep until noon.) All my other cabin mates would be asleep, so I would quietly put my clothes on, brush my teeth, etc. and go outside and swing on the tree swing. Now because of this I got in trouble with my counselor because the other girls reported that I was up at 5 or 6,  when really it about 7:00 and some people from other cabins were awake anyway. However, everything was cleared up pretty quickly and to this day when my mom and I go walking in the morning, that smell brings me back to the awesome time I had at camp. Also this year, I will be an S.I.T.(S.I.T. stands for Servant In Training, which is basically a junior Junior Counselor who does the drudge work at the camp. Yay.).

Do you like the smell of a wet early morning?


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